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Company Overview


Company Overview

The Scenario :

The digital transformation across the globe is taking new shape where not only large but also small organizations are under tremendous pressure to adopt Information Technology as the game changer in their businesses. The pace is really high enough to be legged behind if not matched or raced ahead in time. We at BizTek believe that Information Technology has transformed itself into an important function to run entire business cycle, hence can be termed as Business Technology.

Who we are? :

BizTek Advisors is a consortium of highly experienced and matured Information Technology professionals who, behind them, have an experience of more than 150 man years together in establishing best in class Information Technology solutions implementations in medium and large Indian Companies. We have rich experience of 25-40 Years in the areas IT Strategy, Planning, Design, Development, Implementation and change management, in various Industry verticals. We can design most effective business solutions using advance Analytics to indicate growth area and areas of cost optimization.

We have received several prestigious national and international awards for our achievements and command respect not only among CIOs in India but also among wide range of IT players. Based on these achievements, we are confident that we can play an important role in redefining the business strategy with digital transformation strategy as highway to high growth. We are committed to provide advisory services to the Industry in most transparent and impartial way, about best of, technology / solutions to be adopted to achieve significant edge over business competitors. We provide services to the Organization in technology evaluation / procurement process, if so desired else it can be independently done without involving us.


Though the SME segment has got intense attention from many IT players, but they need someone who can become their strategic partner in this space to advise them for most suitable solution in the most cost effective budget. So, with a special focus in this segment, we believe that we provide low cost but high value advisory services to SME Companies and help them in having digital transformation in their business in lowest possible cost to help SMEs to leap forward and compete with rest of the world effectively and grow at high pace.

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